Reduce your project time and costs by up to 30%. Simply hire the right contractors through Eduro's network. Let us handle the rest while you focus on completing your projects.

Best suited for projects in prototyping, part-replacement, maintenance, continuous improvement projects and urgent fixes

Work fast and only with the best

Eduro’s platform matches your manufacturing projects with the right contractors, businesses and professionals to help execute them in the most agile and efficient manner

We understand what matters to you the most

  • Cost
  • Timeline
  • Past Performance

Remarkably simple,
Unbelievably easy

Eduro is committed to helping clients like you meet set goals. We offer a streamlined, personalized and budget friendly approach to project outsourcing! We focus on creating a pool of business networks that help companies get competitive quotes quickly while reducing overall cost.


Connect with a larger pool of businesses spanning

  • Machining
  • Controls
  • Welding
  • Painting
  • 3D printing: Metal and Polymer
  • Software
  • HVAC
  • Compliance / Audit


Get quotes from multiple suppliers at a reduced project cost of over 30%.


Connect with qualified experts with a track record of competed projects.


All the service providers are bound by NDA to maintain project information confidentiality.


With Eduro, you reduce the timeline for obtaining quotes from multiple suppliers by 50%

How it works

Login to our app from the web or phone

Describe what you need to get done

Eduro’s AI connects your business project with the right contractors and suppliers based on their abilities, availability and track record

Finalize Multiple Proposals in No Time with Interactive Quotes
Direct Conversations with suppliers

Get project delivered and submit feedback

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Frequently asked questions

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